WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Keep creating easy to use quality disposable vapes with unbeatable flavors to help adult smokers quit smoking, One Disposable Vape At A Time

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Evolving with time

As the world moves faster and our lives become busier, what we truly seek are quality products that can bring convenience to our everyday lives. At 7Monppo we keep 3 things close to heart: innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. We hire top engineers to perfect the design, use only premium nicotine salts, and the ultimate result is a disposable vape that guarantees a genuinely satisfying experience down to the last puff.

Evolving into 7Monppo

2016 2022

2016 7VAPE

After years of manufacturing disposable and open-pod system vapes in our factory, 7VAPE was established in 2016 as own brand of disposable vapes. With the release of the 7VAPE BAR that put us on the map, 7VAPE BAR PLUS followed to offer those with a higher nicotine craving.

2022 7Monppo

On September of 2022, we announced a new brand name (7Monppo), new packaging designs, new logo and a new set of VI. The rebranding demonstrates an elevation of every aspect of our brand as well as our commitments to our customers and partners. Though we may have a new look, rest assured that we are still the same brand that offers the same authentic and satisfying hits that you have grown to love. 2 new products were released under 7Monppo, the 7Monppo Box and 7Monpoo Box PLUS.

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 Honesty and credibility to our customers and partners are at the core of our business. 


Customer Satisfaction  
Satisfaction among consumers and partners is not just an offer, it is a promise. We guarantee a respond with an answer within 24-48 hours. 


A rewarding work environment for our employees, value with our partners, and satisfaction with our customers

What We Offer


Quality Control
Our dust-free manufacturing Center is on par with the industry's FDA and CNAS standard requirements. Committed to continuously maintaining and improving quality, we have formed a unique set of pro-active and precautionary quality control methods through years of practical experiences.


Business Philosophy
We continuously pursue innovation to deliver quality products, better designs, and more exquisite flavors.


Our Advantages
Ours R&D Lab includes 5 departments: E-Liquid, Atomization, ID Design, Electronic, and Material. The team consist of over 20 highly experienced engineers with over 5 years of experience in the industry. Continues funding and upgrades to the Lab are put in place to ensure each product we delivery exceeds industry standards.


We offer more than xxx flavors in different nicotine strengths across 4 different series of disposable vapes so there is a suitable vape for everyone

7monppo Bar

7monppo Bar
Our most popular series with 2% nicotine and 800 puffs

7Monppo Box PLUS

7monppo Box PLUS
With a rechargeable feature that offers over 5000 puffs, this product is suitable for those who needs a longer lasting product.

7Monppo Box

7monppo Box
A unique 7monppo design not available anywhere else and can be worn around your neck for ease of vape.

7Monppo Crystal

7Monppo Mini 700
7Monppo Mini 700x is a super-high-value yet cute and convenient to carry; it is also called crystal cute

7Monppo SPACE +

7Monppo SPACE +
7Monppo latest SPACE+ has a capacity of more than 7000puff, showing your charm with a handsome appearance.

7Monppo SPACE +

7Monppo Victory Mary
The Victory Mary has the comfort of being small and convenient, with a sleek finish that's hard to put down.

We Guarantee



Authentic Flavors

Authentic Flavors


Quality Manufacturing 


100% Convenience 

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