WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Grape Ice
Grape Ice
Grape Ice
Grape Ice
Grape Ice
Grape Ice
Grape Ice
Grape Ice

Grape Ice

7Monppo Box

Combines the rich and fruity flavor of grapes with a cool and refreshing minty finish. The flavor is a balance between sweet and refreshing, with a distinct grape taste that is complemented by the cooling effect of mint.

7Monppo Boxes are designed to be an all-in-one disposable device that allows you to conveniently switch from combustible cigarettes - without any of the hassles that come with traditional vape models


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Authentic Flavors

Quality Manufacturing 

100% Convenience 

7Monppo Box Lemon Cola Flavor
7Monppo Box 2ml 20mg
7Monppo Box Bubble Gum Flavor7Monppo Box Watermelon Ice Flavor
7Monppo Box Blueberry Ice Flavor7Monppo Box Pink Lemonade Flavor
7Monppo Box Grape Ice Flavor7Monppo Box Peach Mango Flavor
7Monppo Box Strawberry Ice Cream Flavor7Monppo Box Strawberry Banana Flavor
7Monppo Box Lemon Pie Flavor7Monppo Box Lemon Cola Flavor

Mesh Coil Brings High Authentic Taste And Rich Vapor

The innovative mesh coil

7Monppo Box Mesh Coil

Make Every Second Divine, Make Every Puff Count

Every 7Monppo Box is born for every minute of your vape life enjoyment.It's pre-filled with
2.0ml e-liquid within its mini size yet powerful enough to deliver
up to 600 satisfying puffs

7Monppo Box Make Every Second

No Refilling, No Charging, No Button, No Fuss

7Monppo Box is compact, auto-draw and easy for you to start puffing right out of the box and you just need to enjoy the present moment.

7Monppo Box Easy to Use

Flavor Lasts till The Last Drop

7Monppo Box comes with a long-lasting 550mAh battery that lasts until the flavor pod is empty.

7Monppo Box Battery

Packing List / Standard

7Monppo Box Package